What is Photo Restoration?

Severely Damaged Photo Restored

Traditionally, photo restoration was the art of restoring missing or damaged sections of a physical photo.

Today, photo restoration is quickly becoming a catch-all phrase for digitally improving the looks of a digital photographic image. From minor fixes and color correction to major repairs, digitally adjusting and mending a photo is a great way to restore treasured family photographs!

A good digital photo restoration expert will have before and after examples for you to view. Even upon close examination you should barely be able to see the restoration or repair work that was done to the digital image.

Depending on who you use, you may or may not receive a physical photo showing the now digitally corrected photo. Generally speaking, the lower the cost to restore a digital photographic image, the less likely you are to receive an actual photograph.    

If you wish to have your digital photo professionally printed, your photo restoration expert should be able to provide this service to you.  

The quality of paper and ink used at professional printing companies is *far* superior to those at the local drugstore or discount store, and it is recommended that you use a quality printing company for those images that you want to maintain their original quality for many years to come.

It’s worth the cost of using a professional instead of the corner drug store: better quality paper and ink, and skilled technicians to make your photo look it’s best!

As part of the fee for restoring a digital photograph, you should receive a a digital copy of the photo -- either through a download or a CD containing the digital image, *and* you should retain the full copyright!  This allows you to make as many copies of the digital image as you need…or want!

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