Good Idea #2:  Photo Repair / Restoration

Why Fixing or Restoring a Photo is Worth It!

Water & Mold Damaged Photo

We take photos to document our life and the lives of our loved ones!  

We treasure our photos because:

 - we are reminded (or learn) of our family history from photos taken before we were born  

 - we are reminded of events that we participated in during our lifetime  

 - we learn about events that our family and friends participated in that have significant importance to them

Most of us have plenty of albums, boxes, walls, and tables covered with photos of family, friends, and our favorite events.  Over time, photos will fade, become sun or water damaged, or get damaged from being thrown in a drawer or box with other momentos.  

If you have a favorite photo that has been hanging on the wall or sitting on the table for more than 5 years, chances are it is showing some signs of damage, and the longer it has been exposed to light, the more damage has been done.  

The damage done to photos hanging on the wall or sitting on the table is generally so slight that it may take years for us to realize that it no longer looks the same as it once did. 

If you have duplicates of ALL your most treasured photos safely stored away, than damaged photos is not a problem...however, most of us only have one copy of our photos, and it can be heart-wrenching when one of our most favorite photos has faded, gotten moldy behind the glass, or otherwise damaged.  

Our first thought is ‘oh no, this can’t be fixed’!   At that moment, we really do think, our photo is unrepairable. 

The Good News is that most photos can be repaired, restored or retouched to make them as good as new!

With all the time, money and history invested in our family photos, it would be a travesty to have them fade or rot away when there are techniques to repair and restore them to their (almost) original condition.

We can breathe new life into your old or damaged photos.

We can "restore" the color from faded photos  

We can "remove" red-eye, blemishes, and dust  

We can "repair" rips, tears, and scratches   

We can "replace" missing or damaged areas

    "OK, you've convinced me to get my damaged photos repaired/restored, but  what can I do with them and when I get them back?"

  A repaired or restored photo is the perfect gift:

   - for that special event, such as a surprise birthday or 50th anniversary

   - for the person who is hard to buy for

   - for the person who has everything

   - for the person who enjoys something unique  

   - for the person who loves something done from the heart

A repaired or restored photo is an affordable and treasured gift!

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