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To achieve the best possible results for you and your business, I use a collaborative approach to design your advertising, promotional, and marketing materials.

Each business is unique, and with a consultative approach you get tailored designs reaching your ideal customers, while maximizing the impact of your marketing dollars!

I work with you to deliver social media graphics, website banners, and printed media that resonate with your clientele!

photo fix &


Visuals, such as photos, are the first thing we see in ads and they often make the biggest impact in how we feel about the information presented!  

I focus on making sure your images are the best they can be.  Improvements can be as simple as a color correction, or more complex like removing unwanted objects, or replacing  backgrounds!



A multi-prong marketing approach keeps your clients and customers returning.

Gifting a promotional product to your best clients and customers, is a great ‘thank you’ for their business and delivers value while keeping your name ‘top of mind”!

Make your marketing media *magnetic* and attract repeat customers, by using all that I offer:  enticing ads, fabulous photos, and perfect promotional products. 

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Chris Hilbert


& Owner

As a multi-passionate creative, I understand the unique challenges of renaissance / multi-talented creatives who own their own business(es) and are trying to “do it all themselves”.

As a long-time creative, I realized that at some point, we all need some help!  

Some creatives may need help with fixing their product or bio pic photos, while some want help with the (re)designing of their marketing materials, and some want (or need) both!

I’ve always been interested in graphic design and started learning more about it 30+ years ago.  I even took a seminar on how to design eye-catching flyers and brochures - and talked my husband, Michael, to join me!  He enjoyed the seminar as much as I did!  He has been very supportive to me and my business the past 20 years!

In 2003, I was hired at a non-profit dance magazine where I acquired real life experience while I refined and honed my design and photo fix skills.

I wanted more time for doing projects that truly inspired me and also to help others, so I decided to start my own business in 2007.  Now I am thrilled to help other artisans and creatives make their dreams come true with my skills in:

    -  Graphic Design

    -  Affordable Print Services

    -  Photo Fix / Enhancement / Retouch 

    -  Promotional Products

I love being the one person my clients can contact for the wide variety of help they need to be successful! 


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If you have any questions or want a free consultation, please fill out the information below. 

I will get back to you as soon as possible — usually within 48 hours. . . excluding weekends, holidays, and vacation time!  

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