Yes you CAN - but WILL you?

Over many years of attending networking events, I have had people mention to me that they don't need anyone to create or design an ad or flyer, a digital collage, or restore a damaged photo for them because there are online tools available, so they can do it themselves. 

While it is true that in this day and age of computers and amazing applications and software, most people do have access to the tools to create their own digital collage or ad and do some basic photo restoration, the overriding question is:  Will they?

Which then leads to a follow-up questions: Do they have the skills and knowledge to create a professional and successful photo or print project without costly mistakes or do-overs?   And, can they do it in a timely manner?

Each production method has it's own requirements and a hobbyist may not know all of the terms and phrases of each method available.  

For example, print projects (such as business cards and flyers) have concepts such as bleed, trim, safe area, Pantone, CMYK, etc., that are not used when submitting photographs to be printed.

Even though there are plenty of things we could do ourselves, we don't always have the time or even the skills to do them when they need to be done, or more likely: we lack the time to learn the skills - and that is when we enlist outside help.

There are four main reasons why we employ someone to do a task for us: 

1) we don't have time to do it ourselves (for instance, painting a house), 

2) we are not interested in doing it ourselves (yard work), 

3) we don't know how to do it (electrical problems), and 

4) it's faster (buying ready made clothes instead of sewing it ourselves).

Whether it is a digital collage, photo restoration, or an ad, flyer or brochure, why let your perfectly awesome idea or concept wither away when you can have it come to life!

Don't delay in implementing your plans for your future happiness and success...hire Puffin Enterprises - where we turn your ideas into reality!

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